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Jazzy Ladies and Soul Revue

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Walter Perry

Ladies & Gents,  the incomparble, Mr. Walter Perry

Lead Vocalist, Keyboards and Creator of Vintage Soul

Walter is the baby of the group. He has only been singing and performing for about six years. Walter has been a DJ and Karaoke Jock for more than twenty years.


Walter met Tony while disk jockeying a wedding for Tony's sister. He joined Tony's group Distinction as a vocalist and keyboardist. The group became one of the areas hottest dance groups, performing a wide variety of styles of music.


Now Tony, Joe, and Walter have united to form the group Vintage Soul. The name speaks for itself as far as the type of music the group likes to perform. They still do the likes of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, Louis Armstrong, and many of the other artists that are now in this day considered oldies. But the groups forte is soul music. Whether it be a soulful ballad like Luther Vandross' "Superstar" or a high energy dance cut like The Commodores "Brick House" they are sure to find the beat that will get your fingers popping and toes tapping.


When not performing with the group Walter still operates his DJ and Karaoke business.


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Walter's info courtesy of with permission by Walter Perry.