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Jazzy Ladies and Soul Revue

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Toi Fortes

Mr. Toi Fortes


Antone Toi Fortes, born and raised and currently living in New Bedford, MA.

Toi, a Capricorn, a New Year's Day baby, what a celebration!! Toi is the oldest one of the group, but you would never know it by the way he moves on stage. Ladies, the man is single and free. Toi has been singing for
over 30 years, his first gig was in the early 70s after coming out of the service, playing for clubs in the New Bedford area, one which was called the Devil Den where his pay was $10.00 a night. (Imagine that!!).

Toi formed his own band called Freestlye in 2000. Where he was the lead singer of the group and when he wasn't singing he was playing his instruments: lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard. Toi and his group have played in the New Bedford and surrounding areas, Providence, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Toi gives special thanks to Patti Mae Mello for inviting him to be part of Jazzy-Ladys Soul Revue and to Walter Perry for inviting him to be a part of Vintage Soul.

Toi says its a brand new life. Thank You.

When Toi is not playing and/or singing you can find him with the Tonkas Tumblers where he is the Director. Toi has been teaching for 40+ years with many trophies, plaques, certificates awards to show for his outstanding dedication to the kids in the community. He also is head coach for the Gymnastic Team at Somerset High School for 16 years. Toi gives special thanks to Manuel E. Costa, who taught Toi how to tumbling and for taking him under his wings to make him the professional coach that he is today.

Toi is also employed for the State of Massachusetts Myles Standish State Park in Carver, MA.

Singing to his favorite girl
Niki and Dad share a special moment together