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Jazzy Ladies and Soul Revue

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Gloria Alves-Jones

Ms. Gloria


I am Minister Gloria Alves Jones. Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself. I currently live in New Bedford,Ma and am employed as a Mental Health Worker at Bridgewater State Hospital. I am a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of one.

It was 37 years ago that I began singing. Born in Providence, R.I. my life has taken me on a spiritual journey. For 17 years I lived in North Carolina, then West Palm Beach, Florida. I am the daughter of the late Lully Loretta Alves and granddaughter of the late Lola Laura Russell. When God blessed me with my children I chose motherhood as my careen priority. Today Lorine is 37, Rajorri is 31, Kristen is 20 and my granddaughter Daneen is 20. Kristen is living with me while the others are living in Florida.

While living in Florida I received my associates degree of Religious Education and was ordained and licensed as a Minister. Today I try to help all God's children come together and remember the joy of forgiveness. While in Florida I volunteered at a Hospice in Palm Beach, at the Step Adolescent Service for Juvenile Girls and at Gold Coast Hight School. At the high school I worked with children with special needs. Today I work with those with special needs at Bridgewater State Hospital.

I never thought that my journey would bring me back to singing. I am so grateful to Patti Mello for this opportunity. We join in fellowship, laugh together and celebrate the good old days with the songs we sing. Again, life is allowing me to share a gift that God gave me with others. I want to help people smile and enjoy their day.

Along with thanking God there are many people I owe special thanks. Of course I begin with my family, my mother, my grandmother, my sister Doreen, my children and my granddaughter. I thank Mr & Mrs E. "Tootsie" Russell, my friends Donna Crawford, Becky Amaral, Estelle and Barry Block, Mike Monteiro and the guys and Candida Rose and also the Cowboy among others. I also thank you and my co-workers and the C.O's.

Enjoy the gift of life God has given you one day at a time. Remember the Bible Book of Matthew, Chapter 6 Verse 15 which says if you can't forgive others for their trespasses neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Love to you all. god Bless.
Minister Gloria Alves Jones August 2007

Gloria doing her thang