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Jazzy Ladies and Soul Revue

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Allan Duarte

Mr. Allan Duarte, smooth as silk


Big Al started singing karaoke 15+ years ago locally. I then discovered people loved my voice and would ask me to do classics from the Platters and Flamingos. Their reaction was rewarding knowing my singing these songs made them feel good. In return I felt good about spreading the good feeling.

Four years ago my cousin Wayne Pacheco from the group Absolute asked me to join the group. This was my first paying singing gig and I was singing side by side with Joy Pererria and Bobby Valentine. Wayne and these two were professionals. This gig went on for a year and I truly enjoyed it.

Three years ago I hooked up with the infamous Walter Perry as Vintage Soul and this all guy group with Joe Medina and Butch Perry was a blast.

After a year my job forced me to leave the group and concentrate on my day job. As soon as I retired from my job I returned to singing with Vintage Soul and I'm glad that I did.

Patti Mello had this great idea to add some female vocals to the group and started what we have now (Jazzy Lady's Soul Revue). Together with Gloria Alves-Jones, Candida Rose, Toi Fortes, Joe Medina and Walter Perry we are spreading joy and good times and having the time of our lives as Jazzy Lady's Soul Revue.

Thanks for your support and we all wish you peace and happiness. See you at the next gig.

Big Al

Allan performs a ballard at Club Altitude June07