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Jazzy Ladies and Soul Revue

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Photo Gallery 2

July 2007 live studio session at the New Bedford Cable Access  Studio (ch95)

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July 28, 2007 recording session
Live studio recording July 28, 2007
At New Bedford Cable Access TV (ch95)

Cameramen Steve Santos & Steve Monteiro
Steve Santos & Steve Monteiro
Discussing camera strategy

Steve Monteiro manning Camera 3
Great job on camera 3 Steve, thanks
keepin his eyes on the future stars

The Jazzy-Lady Men
Just as cool as the otherside of the pillow.....
of Jazzy Lady's Soul Revue

Doug Motta studio consultant extrodinare
Doug Motta studio consultant extraodinare
Thanks for all you help Doug, you are fantastic.

Our producer Mike Monteiro in the control room
Mike keepin an eye on things
Live tapping of Jazzy Lady's Soul Revue July 28, 2007

Walter Perry setting up play list
Walter getting the play list together

Our producer Mike Monteiro at the controls
That's a wrap, great show everybody.
That's a wrap, great show everybody

Jazzy-Lady's Motown & Soul Revue
Jazzy-Lady minus Ms. Candida Rose
Great things are in the horizon....

It was a great session and we'd like to extent our sincere thanks to Doug Motta, Tom Sexton, Steve Santos, Steve Monteiro & Mike Monteiro for all the hard work they put into making this session enjoyable and successful.
This was a Mike Monteiro production in affiliation with Steve Santos productions and New Bedford Cable Access.
God Bless,
Jazzy-Lady Productions

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